A Dealer Owns OVDA?

A Dealer owns Oregon Vehicle Dealer Association?

Oregon Vehicle Dealer Association, OVDA, is an association built by, owned by, and run by automotive dealers. Even our staff have worked at dealerships in various roles. This is critically important because the only people who know the industry well enough to educate dealers, to participate in discussions about the industry are people that have lived the life and been in the trenches earning their living from the industry.

This information has been levied against the association since the current team took over from the founder Monte King and is usually said as though it is a bad thing. In truth, however, the over century of combined experience of the board members has been a key component to creating robust education, assisting dealers out of tricky positions, in conjunction with Darrell Fuller the associations lobbyist who has over 30 years lobbying at our states capitol.

That all said the association’s main purpose is educating new and current dealers and lobbying to ensure that our industry remains vibrant and robust. We work to keep you earning a living and keep the doors open.

Next time you hear about OVDA being a dealer owned for-profit company, remember that we are working on behalf of all dealers throughout Oregon to keep the lights on and customers coming through your door.

Make sure to sign up today to help us in our fight to ensure that our legislators and regulators don’t regulate and legislate us into extinction.

Owned by Dealers, Operated by Dealers, For Dealers!

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