New Dealer Services



Unlock your journey into the automotive world with our new dealer start-up services – tailored for the everyday enthusiast! Dive into this comprehensive package that not only jumpstarts your venture but also makes the process seamless for the average person.

What’s included in this all-in-one package:
– Annual OVDA Membership
– Expert assistance in federal, state, and county registrations
– Step-by-step guidance on the new DMV registration packet
– Ongoing support throughout the year
– Bonus: Pre-licensing course to hone your skills

And that’s not all – enjoy a full year of membership benefits:
– Annual Membership for the Oregon Vehicle Dealer Association
– $1200 worth of local Auction Coupons
– Free Continuing Education
– Access to Dealer Solutions Education
– Exclusive discounts on Paper Forms
– Plus, so much more!

No need to worry about renewals – all memberships seamlessly renew after 1 year, ensuring you stay connected to these incredible perks. Note that the renewal cost is the standard rate, not $600.

Have questions or concerns? Our friendly office team is just a call away at 503-399-9199. Start your journey with confidence – enroll now and embrace the exciting world of automotive entrepreneurship!