New Dealer Start-up services.



The new dealer start-up services include our annual OVDA membership. Services with an initial start-up with the assistance of registering federally, state businesses, and county land use. Complete walk-through of new DMV registration packet and 24/7 Full assistance throughout the year. It also includes our full 8hr. state-required pre-licensing course.


Also includes all MEMBERSHIP items:

Automatic Renews after 1 year with automated billing.

Annual Membership for Oregon Vehicle Dealer Association. WHAT YOU GET!

  • -$1200 in local Auction Coupons
  • -Free Continuing Education
  • -Access to Dealer Solutions Education
  • -Discount on Paper Forms


Please note that we have moved the membership to a subscription service. Automated billing has been added.

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to our office team at 503-399-9199.