March 27th OVDA’s first A.M.A (Ask Me Anything)

It’s great to hear that the OVDA is taking proactive steps to engage with dealers and address their concerns. Hosting a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session via Zoom is an excellent way to facilitate open communication and provide a platform for dealers to voice their opinions and discuss the impact of laws and regulations on their businesses.

Such initiatives foster a sense of community and collaboration within the auto industry, allowing dealers to feel heard and valued. It’s crucial for industry organizations like the OVDA to actively listen to the needs and challenges faced by dealers, as they play a pivotal role in shaping policies and regulations that affect the entire automotive ecosystem.

By leveraging technology like Zoom, the OVDA ensures accessibility and convenience for dealers to participate regardless of their location. This inclusive approach promotes participation and encourages a diverse range of perspectives to be shared during the session.

Overall, initiatives like these demonstrate a commitment to transparency, communication, and advocacy within the auto industry, ultimately benefiting both dealers and consumers alike.

This event is FREE for all OVDA members, but please make sure you fill out the form below to RSVP as soon as possible. Where: Zoom When: March 27th, 2024 – 10:30 AM

Topic: Legislative Update & Other Legislation Questions

Guest: Darrell Fuller, OVDA Lobbyist Note: Meeting will link will be emailed closer to event.

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