Introducing Oregon Title Transfer

Introducing Oregon Title Transfer (OTT) – OVDA’s Premier Title Partner! Elevate your dealership experience with OTT, the dynamic solution designed to revolutionize title preparation. In collaboration with OVDA, OTT addresses the pressing issue of late paperwork fines and errors in deal documentation, two challenges often penalized by the Oregon DMV. Their team has decades of experience working on both simple transfers to highly complex transfers. Their goal is to assist you in speeding up your process, minimizing your having to slow down to process the paperwork once a deal is complete. Instead, you simply send your deals to OTT with a check for the DMV fees!

Unlike other title services that merely pass your documents through to the DMV, OTT goes above and beyond. We meticulously prepare your documents, verify processing fee accuracy, and personally deliver them to the DMV. Our commitment to transparent communication ensures a stress-free journey for dealers from start to finish.

In response to the recent $200 increase in Doc Fees by the Oregon DMV, OTT seizes this opportunity to provide exceptional value. By streamlining the document preparation process, OTT enables you to pass on the cost directly to your customers, maximizing your dealership’s efficiency and profitability. Experience the ease and affordability of OTT – the key to unlocking a seamless title transfer process for your dealership.

Sign up today for 90 days of service for only $65 dollars a deal!