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Oregon’s new Pollinator Paradise license plates available Nov. 1

Oct. 18, 2023

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SALEM, Ore. – The “bee plate” – Oregon State University Department of Horticulture’s Pollinator Paradise license plates – will be available to the public beginning Nov. 1, 2023.

Pollinator Paradise plates have a $40 surcharge due at first issuance and every two-year renewal. After the deduction of DMV’s administrative costs, proceeds from the surcharge will be directed to the University’s Department of Horticulture to support research programs focused on keeping pollinator populations healthy.

Pollinator Paradise plate

Oregon State University completed pre-sales of more than 3,000 vouchers to make the plate eligible for implementation. The design of the new plate is a result of consultation with the OSU Department of Horticulture, approval from law enforcement, and testing by the Washington State Tolling Division. Learn more about the artist and how the license plate was developed here.

The new plates will be available at DMV and through participating auto dealers just like Salmon, Cultural Trust, Crater Lake, Wine Country, Trail Blazers, Gray Whale, Oregon Duck, Smokey Bear, and Watch for Wildlife specialty registration plates are today. Customers may also apply for a replacement Pollinator Paradise plate with or without renewal online.

How to apply

People can apply for the plates by mail, at DMV field offices, online, or through licensed vehicle dealers when they purchase a car. Customers who purchased a prepaid voucher may submit that with their application in lieu of the surcharge. The voucher may only be used once and must be submitted at a DMV office.

The cost of a set of plates depends upon when and how a vehicle owner applies for a new set. Here are two common scenarios:

Plates ordered within 120 days before a vehicle’s stickers expire:

  • Pollinator Paradise surcharge: $40 (also paid at every renewal) or a pre-paid voucher.
  • Plate fee: $25.50 for the pair
  • Plate replacement fee: $5.00
  • Registration renewal fees vary based on the vehicle’s mpg. (Multnomah County residents add $112; Washington County residents add $60; Clackamas County residents add $60)
  • Total: $70.50 plus registration fees.

Plates ordered more than 120 days before a vehicle’s stickers expire:

  • Pollinator Plate surcharge: $40 (also paid at every two-year renewal) or a pre-paid voucher.
  • Plate fee: $25.50 for the pair
  • Plate replacement fee: $10.00
  • Total without a voucher: $75.50
  • Total with a pre-paid voucher: $35.50

People who purchase a new or used vehicle from a licensed dealer may order Pollinator Paradise plates as part of the car-buying process and provide a pre-paid voucher to the dealer if they have one.

Before going to any DMV office, first check to make sure you have everything you need to complete your application. Common transactions such as renewing vehicle registration, changing your address, and reporting the sale of a vehicle can be done online.

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