Why is it important to be a member of the OVDA?

Do you really know OVDA and what we do for Dealers here in Oregon?

We continue to work every day to make our industry better and more profitable for all dealers not just our members. Did you know that this past legislation session we had success with getting a specific verbiage

kicked so dealers cannot get sued by the consumer years after a sale.

Were you also aware that the OVDA funds a full-time lobbyist that aggressively advocates for dealers both when the Legislature is in Salem, and directly with DMV we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to correct negative aspects of our industry to create a better environment for us to grow and build a like doing things that all of us love.

It is very important that we have your support through Membership and Donations but, there is also strength in numbers. We understand that all of us don’t always get along but, help us help you. The truth is we cannot keep funding all of these efforts alone. We understand that we do not throw huge parties and give out awards like the New Car Association does but, we offer something a little different.

If you take a look at our website you may notice we have taken up new partnerships. We are working on having a full support system with everything you need to operate a successful dealership no matter the size.

Please, just remember YOUR MEMBERSHIP MATTERS, you matter. We have a dedicated team to answer all and any questions you may have. Become a member today!