Avoid Errors and Speed Up Your Transactions With DMV

Paperwork errors and slow responses to DMV requests for additional information will slow down your transactions.  Speed up your transactions by avoiding these common mistakes:

  1. Not signing or dating the Form 226 (Application for Title and Registration),.
  2. Incomplete 226 including marking LEV when appropriate.
  3. Improper or missing releases on the title, MCO, secure ODO and secure POA.
  4. Missing or incomplete odometer readings on the 226 and other title-related documents.
  5. Incorrect fees including county registration fees (based on the buyer’s address).
  6. Missing DEQ testing certificate.
  7. Incomplete or inaccurate VIN inspections (Form 11).  VIN inspections are an essential fraud protection measure and all information on these forms must be complete.   
  8. Improper use of forms and signatures. Remember that Power of Attorney is not valid unless it is executed on an ownership document.
  9. Incomplete responses to a missing requirement letter. Partial responses generate new missing requirement letters and do not help us process the transaction.  Gather all missing requirements before sending your response.

The DMV Dealer Handbook explains title and registration processes in detail and is a great resource when you have questions about your paperwork. Click the hyperlink or paste the URL below to your web browser to access the handbook.