DMV Oregon Dealer Services Weekly Processing Report

This report shows the status of the transaction on processing by the DMV Oregon Dealer Services:

Using this report, you can estimate the status of their transactions in our processing queue.

  • Date Working On – the date transactions received that we are currently processing at
    each identified Location/Task:
  • Mail – current work just received via mail (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL), opening and
    date stamping
  • Responses – correspondence and missing requirements received
  • Expedites – dealer expedited title requests that receive special handling
  • Inbox (Email) – emails received from Dealers
  • HQ (Mailed In) – received date for transactions currently being processed
  • EVR (Error Queue) – transactions being processed that error out in the EVR cycle
    (approximately 15% of all EVR transactions)
  • DSC – Dealer Service Center – transactions received and processed at DSCs