Oregon DEQ launches online prequalification for Charge Ahead Rebates

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NEWS RELEASE Oregon DEQ launches online prequalification for Charge Ahead Rebates April 5, 2023 Rebates for low- and moderate-income participants may now occur at point of sale or lease Statewide, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has launched an online prequalification application for the Oregon Clean Vehicle Charge Ahead Rebate. The process allows participants to get pre-approved prior to leasing or purchasing an eligible new battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. They may receive a Charge Ahead voucher which can be applied at point of sale or lease at any participating dealership. Online prequalification for the purchase or lease of used eligible vehicles will debut in the future. Previously, only the Standard Rebate, which offers up to $2,500 and is available to all Oregon residents regardless of income, could be applied at participating dealerships. With the addition of the $5,000 Charge Ahead Rebate prequalified voucher, participants can now stack them to save up to $7,500 when purchasing or leasing a new vehicle at point of sale or lease. DEQ provides a map and list of Oregon dealerships active in the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program. Read the entire news release in the Oregon DEQ Newsroom.   Visit the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program Charge Ahead Prequalification web page for more information and to apply. If you have any questions about the process, please contact cleancars@deq.oregon.gov.   Media contact:  Susan C. Mills, DEQ public affairs specialist Susan.Mills@deq.oregon.gov 503-956-9648 ###