New year brings new transportation laws

Free IDs for people experiencing houselessness, locally set speed limits, extended EV rebates, and more

Dec. 30, 2021

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SALEM – On Jan. 1, a series of new laws will take effect that will increase the equity in Oregon’s transportation system, improve safety, increase local control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Oregon Department of Transportation is responsible for implementing these new laws.

“These new laws will help us move quicker toward building a modern transportation system that minimizes negative impacts to the environment and serves all Oregonians equitably,” said Kris Strickler, ODOT director.

Increasing safety and local control

HB 3055: ODOT has statutory authority for setting the speed limit on all roads in Oregon. While this has ensured consistency in statewide application of relevant laws and rules, this legislation will allow some local governments to set speeds on their roads which will result in greater local control, more expedient speed reductions and increased safety on local road networks. This legislation allows ODOT to delegate its statutory authority for speed setting to a city or named county for roads under their jurisdiction.