Some of you might have noticed that Facebook has changed its policies, and features for Marketplace. This means that dealers have lost the ability to simply link your website vendor, or inventory vendor to Marketplace and have your inventory show up.

On September 13th this changed. Facebook changed its systems to make it impossible to do this, and a ton of dealers have been left in the dust. There are still ways to do this, but they are all going to require some work.

First, make sure that your page has a Manage Inventory tab. From that tab, you have two options: Manual and automatic. You want to use the Manual method. It will have you input all of the vehicle’s information, and then post it.

Now you CAN create a post with all of the vehicle information, and you should get an alert saying add to the marketplace.

Please note that the Interior & Exterior color will be set to black, and any model with numbers is going to have issues. Make sure that each field in that form is correct otherwise you will put yourself into a bad situation.

We are currently exploring options to add a partner to our partnership roster that has a tool to assist with this, but it is still a semi-manual situation.

We will be updating things as time progresses, but know that this is Facebook’s move to monetize Marketplace more substantially. This is their right to do but it is going to hurt used dealers.

Please note that I am highlighting the free method, the other option in manage inventory (automatic) is a paid option. If you are willing to leverage your cash to use this option please let us know how it works out.

Here is a link to Facebook talking about this topic: